Delicious Organic Baby Products

Delicious organic baby clothing

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Importance of Buying Organic

People often ask me whether there is a need for organic clothing thinking once it has been washed, the chemicals will be removed. Many chemicals may be removed by washing, but some such as formaldehyde are chemically bonded to the fabric. It is almost impossible to completely remove formaldehyde from clothing and it is very commonly used in all sorts of clothing. Not only formaldehyde, but also other toxic chemicals.
Many toxins used in the cotton growing process may be removed during the fabric manufacturing process, but many more chemicals and toxins are added back during the dyeing process and garment making, to give the products special properties - eg anti-bacterial, anti-static, wrinkle-free etc. Many of these are dangerous to our health. So organic manufacturing of clothing is important for our health, and especially for the health of a young child.
Organic manufacturing uses natural ingredients in the dyeing process. If imported or travelled any distance, organic clothes may have been sprayed during the transport process. So it is still a good idea to wash before wearing for the first time. These added chemicals, if present, will wash out. You know just by walking through a perfumed area or where someone is smoking, how easily our clothes can absorb odours from the environment.
Another reason for buying organic clothes is to support sustainable farming methods and help protect the environment.
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