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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Living Less Toxic (2)

HOME…Many of the cleaners available are chock full of synthetic chemicals. I can only think that they must do so much harm to anyone who inhales them, especially with long term exposure. I like the idea that if you can ingest something and not get really sick, then it is a safer option to have around the house. (Not that I’m generally into ingesting cleaning products!).
There are some great cleaning products around now that are much more environmentally sensitive and safe, which can only be a plus especially if you also have children in the house.
I really like Enviro Clean. They make a really strong spray made out of oranges that cleans everything so well. I also use their dishwashing liquid. I think they make other products as well, but I haven’t tried them yet.
For laundry I use Seventh Generation powder, it works really well. Even for stains, you can scrub it on the stain, then leave it overnight to soak before washing. Perfect for my baby's little pooey stains.

I also like the look of Cinderella cleaning products, but I haven’t tried them.
It’s so nice to have a chemical-free clean house.

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