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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Living Less Toxic

There are so many toxins in the world, it’s really quite overwhelming when you start to think about all the things that you need to avoid to live a less toxic lifestyle. There are certain things that you can change to at least keep a balance on things.
Over the next few days I'll write about a few of the things that I do to stay a little more clear...

BODY… Using products on your body that aren’t full of synthetic chemicals is a very good idea. Choosing a product that is made with organic or at least natural ingredients is going to be much more beneficial for your skin in the long term. Ingredients from nature will actually feed your skin and give it added nutrients. Be really careful though, and always look at the packaging, lots of products will say ‘natural’ or ‘with added green tea, jasmine' etc, but if you look at the ingredients, it may actually be a cocktail of chemicals, mostly with names that I can’t recognize, and then somewhere in there a little bit of jasmine or some other 'natural ingredient', just to make it sound better. Also beware of fragrances, unless it says ‘pure, or 100% essential oil’, it’s usually a synthetic fragrance. Again, a toxic mix of chemicals.
All of the products we put on our body can either nourish it, or cause a build up of toxins, which could eventually lead to a toxic over-load, and sickness.
Thank goodness there are lots of lovely products that are easily available. Some of my favorites are:

Jurlique: beautiful, but a little on the pricey side. -

Miessence: lots of lovely organic cosmetics, body and household goods

Sukin: Lovely products for a tiny purse-

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  1. lovely links, thanks for sharing. you also have a lovely site, i like the birds tee! i have to admit, i do need to tap into my "organic side" more! xx