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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Nappies For Me

Ok, maybe not for me (thank goodness), but for my baby. In my decision making, I always think of the health and environmental impact before making a choice. The good old nappy saga has been going on for decades now. Cloth or disposable?

Well, with my first baby I used cloth at home and Naturebaby Care nappies when we went out, and at night. This worked for me, as I didn't mind doing the washing (with natural detergents), and I was happy to be using a disposable nappy that was much safer both for my baby and our Earth.

Six years later, and hooray, there are even more great products out there to try. I've discovered Moltex Eco nappies which are made in Holland I believe. They are the most environmentally friendly nappy available in Australia and have recieved awards for this reason. They are actually compostable and break down in 8-10 weeks, while all the other millions of conventional disposable nappies from the last 50 years are still very much in tact in land fill. This alone is enough to make me a happy mama.

There are also health benefits for my baby as well. Moltex nappies contain no perfumes, lotions, antioxidants, TBT, chlorine or latex all of which to me, are toxins on my little baby's beautiful skin.

I noticed a couple of consumer reviews of these nappies, all positively glowing. A couple of mothers even said that their babies nappy rash disappeared when they switched to Moltex.

They are more expensive, which can be hard some weeks for me, and if that is the case I will buy a packet to use at night (lasts 40 nights so $1/night), and then I buy the Naturebaby Care for during the day, as they are much cheaper.

I also LOVE my little Baby Bee-hinds cloth nappies. They are sooo soft and really absorbant. I definitely recommend them as the best pre-made cloth nappy I have tried.

I just think it's sad more people don't think outside the square and discover alternatives that are going to help make the world more habitable for their grand-children.

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