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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dangers of Fire Retardants

I have been looking into buying a cot mattress for my little baby and have been suprised to find more dangers to be aware of when buying things for my precious bubba. Fire Retardants are sprayed on many synthetic fabrics to stop them melting if exposed to flames, that includes bedding and clothing (including polyester pyjamas), baby seats, furniture, computers and much more. These fire retardants are made up of highly toxic chemicals which studies have found can cause all sorts of horrific health problems including immune suppression, hormone disruption, learning and memory problems, behavioral changes, and cancer. As well as fire retardants, there are also other chemicals added in the manufacturing of bedding, so to me it seems crazy to have my little girl sleeping and breathing in a toxic coctail of chemicals for so many hours a day.
I'm looking into organic cotton matresses at the moment, to put my mind at ease when I put my bubba to bed at night. These seem quite expensive but at least I'll have the peace of mind of knowing that my baby isn't breathing in toxins that could easily be avoided. Along with lovely organic pyjamas I hope to give her the healthiest start to life.
I'd love to hear from anyone who knows a good non-toxic mattress that's available in Australia.


  1. Hi there
    I am just in the process of ordering a wool cot mattress from, for my 6 month old son. (Plus a single one for my 2 year old). Hope this helps!

  2. Great! Thanks Louisa I'll go and check it out now.