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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby Bottles and BPA

There are so many dangers and toxins out there, it can be overwhelming trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. The more you read the more difficult it becomes, as it can feel as if everything out there is toxic and harmful to our health. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news but I think it's really important to know about this little thing called BPA or Bisophenol A. It can be found in many of the things that we use for our children including baby bottles and plastic drinking bottles as well as a lining in tinned food. It is an industrial chemical used to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins, for use in lightweight plastics that are both tough and heat resistant.
BPA has been linked to many health issues such as to breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, heart disease and hyperactivity.
Some countries have already banned the use of it in baby bottles although sadly Australia isn't one of them. Thankfully there are alternatives available which are much safer. A baby bottle company called 'Green To Grow' make a great range of baby bottles. There are also the old glass bottles which are very safe, (but don't freeze them).
For older children there are now many places selling stainless steel water bottles, such as Eco Tanka, Cheeki and Sigg.
It's hard to avoid everything toxic out there, but there are some things that just require a decision to stop using them, and for our children's safety it's a very simple decision.


  1. HI there

    check out innate-they make a nice stainless steel sippy cup with a modular handle and lids system-i believe eco direct is the australian distributor

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