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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Skin Care For Sensitive Babies

Babies have a tendency to get rashes or skin irritations because they have such fine, delicate skin. Wet or soiled nappies often cause quite red patches which can be painful for a little baby. It is best if medical cortisone-based creams can be avoided, as though they may appear to work in the short term, they can have bad long-term affects on a baby's skin and health.
We really don't want to expose a little baby's body to toxic chemicals.
Organic skin care products are completely chemical-free and safe for your infant. Using all-natural skin care products will reduce the risk of rashes and protect baby's health. Also, using organic cotton nappies will provide added protection from chemicals affecting baby's skin.
For a range of baby organic skin care products visit There is a lovely gentle and safe gel to cleanse and soothe baby's bottom, a soothing barrier balm that repels moisture, protects sensitive skin and helps irritated skin to heal, an extra gentle baby cream wash, a baby bottom mist spray to soothe and cleanse, and other useful skin products. All are free of synthetic detergents and chemicals.

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